Sunday, September 20, 2015

Welcome Home

Hi Dolls!

I'm so excited for anyone that's reading this! I love all things girly, from hair and makeup to lifestyle and home decor. My name is Anna and I'm from Houston Texas. I have four sisters and no brothers so our house was always filled with nothing but barbies and dress up clothes. Naturally that forced me into a tom-boy faze when I was younger but as I grew my love for all things girly quickly developed. When I got into high school I stumbled across the beauty community on YouTube and instantly fell in love! I'm fascinated by the idea that these young woman are able to sit down in there rooms and just film themselves doing what they love (i.e. blending out the boldest smokey eye or creating sharpest cat eye) and some how make a living out of it. If you have no idea what I'm talking about LoL please go check out some of my favorite YouTubers, I'll have them listed down below, then come back and we can catch up(; Anyway, I hope to explore in my blog anything and everything that inspires me in the beauty community. Hopefully what I know and have learned can help some of you ladies out!

Some of my favorite Youtube Beauty GuRu's...

Love Always,